News February 14, 2018

On February 14th CSO Waander van Heerde from Enzyre signs a new lease contract with Pim van Os, commercial manager of Kadans Science partner for office and laboratory space in Building M of the Novio Tech Campus. The campus is situated on former NXP terrain. Building M is a state-of-the art research and production facility for companies active in life science, healthcare and semiconductors.


Building Enzyre Ondertekening
Location Enzyre Netherlands Signing building contract



News February 1, 2018

February 1st CSO Waander van Heerde from Enzyre received the first multisensor NXP wafer from Frank Wennekes, process development / program manager of NXP. This wafer contains an optical sensor, one of the key elements for the integrated microfluidic cartridge for the Enzyre biochip platform. The optical sensors will be used in combination with Enzyres proprietary chemiluminescence technology to measure enzymatic reactions.

Receiving the first multisensor wafer from NXP  

News Januari 25, 2018

From March 25th – 26th Enzyre organised a two day bootcamp in Hotel Ruimzicht (Doetinchem, NL) with our collaborating partners EPR Partner, Micronit, Sencio and Fuse Design Consultants to draw up and refine the design of the biochip. Next steps were made to create a cheap, simple, small and applicable design for point of care disease management with personalized medicine.
Nijmegen (NL)

News May 2016

Enzyre BV, a company developing a point-of-care platform technology for enzymatic reactions, was founded on May 17, 2016. Dr. Waander van Heerde, an experienced blood coagulation physiologist, and Drs. Guido Maertens, a seasoned biotech entrepreneur, are founders of this highly innovative company with the mission to bring personalized diagnostics to the patient. Personalized diagnostics as Enzyre envisions it will open up the way to true personalized medicine and disease management. The focus will lay on the development of a series of tests for blood coagulation initially.


News April 2017

On April 10, 2017 Enzyre obtained an exclusive license of the Radboudumc to a proprietary technology using chemiluminescence to detect enzymatic reactions using a light sensor chip and enzyme specific substrates. The technology was developed with funding of a PIDON grant by a consortium including NXP Semiconductors and Chiralix. The license agreement includes the option to purchase the patent protecting the technology. Enzyre will use the technology to develop a point-of-care biochip for blood coagulation able to measure multiple enzymatic reaction simultaneously. Together with the execution of the license agreement Radboudumc became a shareholder in Enzyre and invested an undisclosed amount in the development of the biochip.

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