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The ENZYPAD enables real near patient blood coagulation analysis, with the measured data being effortlessly made available to the treating physician, irrespective of his or her physical location.

The ENZYPAD technology includes (a) a painless and easy to use blood sampling device; (b) a test-specific single use microfluidic cartridge (“ENZYCARD”) that includes all necessary reagents and controls; and (c) a small hands-on re-useable processor (“ENZYPAD”) that enables the reagent flow, processes the test results and transfers these immediately to the cloud. A mobile phone app controls the processor.

By transferring the data to the cloud, they can be made available to anyone with the appropriate authorization to efficiently manage the patient’s therapy.

Proud to be supported by an EFRO grant.

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The ENZYPAD technology uses proprietary innovative latent luciferin-protected peptide substrates to determine the activity of specific enzymes in the coagulation cascade. The enzymatic activity is directly proportional to the number of photons generated in the reaction chamber. These chemiluminescent signals are counted using highly sensitive optical sensors. One ENZYCARD (microfluidic cartridge) can run up to sixteen individual reactions simultaneously, providing the health care professional with direct access to all the relevant data. All of this is done starting with less than 100µL of whole blood collected though the specially developed blood collection device.

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Our team has over 60 years of experience in diagnostic development and world class expertise in blood coagulation.

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Having the ability to know my activity level in real-time would provide both certainty of protection and allow better planning for activitiy relative to risk of bleeding.

Mark Skinner, former president of WFH

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