Enzyre, a start-up company at the Novio Tech Campus, creates innovative diagnostic solutions for patients with chronic diseases. Enzyre aims to develop a multichannel biochip platform for point-of-care applications to be used by patients at home. The platform only requires small volumes of blood and can be used by the patient to monitor his/her treatment outside of the hospital laboratory. Enzyre’s mission is “to bring the lab to the patient”.

Enzyre BV

Transistorweg 5-i
6534-AT Nijmegen
The Netherlands

Enzyre (founded in 2016) will drive point of diagnostics to its top. Enzyres mission is to develop innovative diagnostic solutions enabling personalized medicine. 

  • New CEO Dirk Pollet

Dirk Pollet appointed as CEO

News April 30th, 2019 - Nijmegen (NL)
Enzyre, which is developing breakthrough ambulant diagnostic technology for coagulation testing, announces today the appointment of Dirk Pollet as Chief Executive Officer. It also announces the award of €2M European Fund for Regional Development (EFRO) grant and closing of a successful seed funding round which enables Enzyre to accelerate the development of its unique Hemophilia Biochip technology.
Enzyre’s platform technology requires just a small volume of blood and is able to measure up to twelve reactions simultaneously with high sensitivity and specificity, that can be carried out at home, on the road or in a critical care setting, without any laboratory infrastructure. This has the potential for better disease management and to improve the lives of patients living with chronic conditions whilst reducing healthcare costs.
  • Biochip Artist Impression with Phone

Hemofiliepatiënten meten zelf bloed stollingswaarde

News April 26th, 2019 - Nijmegen (NL)
Enzyre, drie jaar geleden gestart als een spin-off van het Radboudumc, ontvangt een EFRO-subsidie van twee miljoen euro voor het ontwikkelen van een biochip waarmee hemofiliepatiënten met een paar druppels bloed hun eigen stollingswaarde direct kunnen meten. Hiermee is het mogelijk de medicijnopname te optimaliseren.
  • Opened by Michiel Scheffer

Enzyre opening new office and laboratory facilities

News March 30th, 2018 - Nijmegen (NL)
30th of March: Enzyre officially opened their new office and laboratory facilities at the Novio Tech Campus, where they had subleased workspace the past year. The new facilities were opened by Michiel Scheffer, Member of the Executive Board of the Province Gelderland, in the presence of a delegation of The Economic Board and Members of the Dutch Parliament.
  • Enzyre Nijmegen The Netherlands

Award Anneke Sijbers

News March 29th, 2018 - Nijmegen (NL)
29th of March: Anneke Sijbers received Enzyre's first award of € 10,000 during a MedtechPartners meeting celebrating their 10-year anniversary.
  • First Multisensor Wafer Biochip
  • First Multisensor Biochip Wafer

Receiving the first multisensor wafer

News February 1st, 2018 - Nijmegen (NL)
February 1st CSO Waander van Heerde from Enzyre received the first multisensor NXP wafer from Frank Wennekes, process development / program manager of NXP. This wafer contains an optical sensor, one of the key elements for the integrated microfluidic cartridge for the Enzyre biochip platform. The optical sensors will be used in combination with Enzyres proprietary chemiluminescence technology to measure enzymatic reactions.
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Enzyre BV
  • Transistorweg 5
  • 6534-AT Nijmegen
  • The Netherlands
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