News March 30, 2018

On March 30th: Enzyre officially opened their new office and laboratory facilities at the Novio Tech Campus, where they had subleased workspace the past year. The new facilities were opened by Michiel Scheffer, Member of the Executive Board of the Province Gelderland, in the presence of a delegation of The Economic Board and Members of the Dutch Parliament.

2018 03 30 Opening New Office

The delegation visited the Novio Tech Campus

News March 29, 2018

On March 29th Anneke Sijbers received Enzyre's first award of € 10,000 during a MedtechPartners meeting celebrating their 10-year anniversary.

2018 03 29 Award

News February 23, 2018

On February 23th Local Nijmegen TV broadcast company came over to Enzyre to record a documentary for their series “Knowledge in Nijmegen”. Our advisor and hemophilia patient Chris van den Brink explained the challenges of living with hemophilia and in what way the biochip could help him alleviating the burden of his disease. Also the principle of the blood collection device and the prototype of the biochip were demonstrated and filmed. The documentary was shown at the official opening of Enzyre at March 30th.


News February 14, 2018

On February 14th CSO Waander van Heerde from Enzyre signs a new lease contract with Pim van Os, commercial manager of Kadans Science partner for office and laboratory space in Building M of the Novio Tech Campus. The campus is situated on former NXP terrain. Building M is a state-of-the art research and production facility for companies active in life science, healthcare and semiconductors.


Building Enzyre Ondertekening
Location Enzyre Netherlands Signing building contract



News February 1, 2018

February 1st CSO Waander van Heerde from Enzyre received the first multisensor NXP wafer as one of the key elements for the integrated microfluidic cartridge for the biochip platform.

Receiving the first multisensor wafer from NXP  

News Januari 25, 2018

From Januari 25th – 26th Enzyre hosted a two-day Bootcamp for the biochip project (including development partners Sencio, EPR Partner, Micronit and Fuse Design Consultants) in Hotel Ruimzicht (Doetinchem, NL). The focus of the bootcamp was to draw up and refine the design of the biochip, resulting in a cheap, simple and small-scale design for point of care diagnostics and disease management to be used in areas without any laboratory infrastructure.

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