Company Introduction

Enzyre (founded in 2016) will drive point of diagnostics to its top. Enzyres mission is to develop innovative diagnostic solutions enabling personalized medicine. Our vision is to create a point of care diagnostic platform applicable for near patient testing and management of treatment modalities.


Enzyre - Guido Maertens
Guido Maertens
Founder & CEO

Professional with 12-year track record in business development and finance roles for several start-ups in the life sciences industry.

Enzyre - Waander van Heerde
Waander van Heerde, PhD
Founder & CSO

More than 25 years expertise in research and diagnostics of Hemophilia and other coagulation disorders.


Enzyre envision that the availability of POC diagnostic tests will have a large impact on the diagnosis and management of (chronic) diseases due to the incorporation of a tailor-made (personalized) treatment regimen resulting in less complications/side effects for patients and reduced healthcare costs for society. We anticipate that our solutions may further improve patients’ quality of life and will contribute to the personalized medicine paradigm.


Enzyre aims to develop innovative diagnostic solutions to provide patients and healthcare professionals with actionable insights to improve their health outcomes. Our mission is to bring the validated miniaturized laboratory to where it is needed; the patient!


The development of point of care devices able to measure (enzymatic) biomarkers in complex solutions is the “landmark" of Enzyre. Special attention is paid to whole blood, blood plasma and saliva, a derivative of blood plasma. 


Enzyre - BioChip

Biochip project

Service facility


Our platform is unique as it is cheap, requires just a small volume of blood and is able to measure up to 12 enzymatic reactions simultaneously with high sensitivity/specificity in a point of care setting; at home, near the patient (bedside) and even in area without any laboratory infrastructure.

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